It is said that one finds true love upon traveling. I cannot tell you who said that or where it was written, but perhaps this is true, as I have caught myself falling in love with the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Boston houses are stylish from every corner, from the cobblestone roads, to the juxtaposing architecture of futuristic skyscrapers and old gothic chapels and even the way the silky hot chocolate is crafted. Walking through the shops at Newberry Street, I noticed my uncontrollable craze for fashion finds. I had to stop myself from compulsively desiring to throw away all I had packed in my suitcase to make room for purchases I desperately wanted to make. Luckily, I composed myself and bought solely a pair of shoes. Once I left the store, I bee-lined towards Anthropologie where I found this lovely Fashionista outside their doors.

Wearing a horizontal striped dress in hues of red, blue and white this Fashionista masterfully pulls off the stripe trend going around during this summer through the fall season transition. She keeps herself warm by adding a matching cardigan in navy blue, and continues to match the navy blue with her shiny loafers. Primed and prepped, this outfit demonstrates a classic style that can be worn in any daytime event. Comfortable enough to shop in, and elegant to dine out in, this outfit speaks for Boston’s style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’m always rushing around, so I have mastered the art of slipping on a nice dress with everyday flats, creating a put together outfit. My advice is to stick to a piece you know you will feel and look good in that is quick to put on and style with any other staples in your closet.”