“Dressing is a way of life,” said fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent. Since living in downtown Chicago for a few months, I have noticed that fashion, style and trends come in and out. Stores are constantly displaying new advertisements and interchanging their outfits featured in the large glass windows. Of course, this draws my attention to the storefront, but what is more interesting to look upon are the people on Michigan Avenue. Each individual expresses their personality through their style and finds value in looking their best  by incorporating the style that matches their personality. This month’s post is all about using your clothing as a way to represent yourself and set yourself apart from the crowd.

This Fashionisto’s use of a patterned button down with a traditional trench coat and pants creates a look that can be worn to class, to an internship or even for the weekend. Each component of this outfit are fairly simple pieces that many of you already have. One aspect of the outfit that you can try to replicate is incorporating a quirky pattern into your look. Whether it is finding a shirt that has a distinct pattern or an accessory, patterns make your outfit noticeable because it is a way to externally show who you are. Patterns during the fall seem to always be on trend. Stepping out into Michigan Avenue, I spot a variety of fun bright patterns worn by all stylish individuals.

It is up to you which pattern you want to choose. Try using a pattern that will make you stand out without overpowering the rest of your look. This Fashionisto balances the pattern with a simple pair of brown pants, shoes and belt. The trench coat is also a great way to offset the patterns and it even adds a whole level of expression to your outfit depending on the style, cut or lining of the coat itself.

If I were to replicate his look, I would start out with a plaid shirt and pair it with skinny jeans and ankle boots or a knit skirt and opaque tights.  This week I encourage you to fall in love with patterns and mix and match until you find the perfect patterned look. Remember that with bold patterns make sure the rest of your look complements it, just like this Fashionisto did here!

What is Your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be yourself and remember–bold is beautiful.”