Getting dressed seems to take forever these days. There are just so many trends to try and colors to mix and match. I discovered an easy way out that maintains class and avoids the “bumming it” look. Why try to match a skirt to a blouse or find bold pants that contrast a graphic tee when full-body clothing articles come in one piece? Rompers, dresses and jumpsuits alike stand alone, making the mystery of matching an outfit a whole lot easier to solve.

This Fashionista shows off her flowy black romper in an effortless way by dressing up this simple look for a night out on the town. Rompers have been trending for a while based on their ability to provide a quick and comfortable look that holds a lot of style. There are such a variety of rompers to choose from depending on the occasion. This Fashionista chooses a dressy one that shows off her shoulders and flows down around her biceps. In fact, this piece flows top to bottom to hint at the ever-popular flowy shorts trend as well. When she turns around, the intricate lacing on the back adds an element of elegance. It’s a one-piece wonder!

Choosing the romper was the first step and the rest was history. Once the color was determined, the mood of the outfit was set. She adds a black purse with a long strap to be held either on the shoulder or worn as a cross-body for a hands-free evening. The black strappy gladiator sandals are much more practical than high-heels, especially when it comes to walking long distance. Social gatherings on big campuses can sometimes be a 20-minute walk. Her silver rings and bracelet add to the gold chains on her purse to make this outfit shine. This look stays true to its founding color with black being reflected and re-enforced throughout all of her accessories to make it stand out. Black goes with everything, therefore providing a world of opportunity for accessorizing this look. It’s a one-color wonder!

This look is ideal for fluky warm autumn days, but what’s great about it is that it’s perfect for the indoors as well. Classroom buildings can definitely get a little warm with artificial heat filling up those sturdy insolated buildings, but as the nippy air breezes in, students are spending more time inside at evening social gatherings. Building heaters have been turned on and fireplaces have been started up. Not to mention the warm ovens that bake our fall favorite pumpkin pastries. Sweaty sweaters and restricting pants are not ideal to be wearing while surrounded by the heat of the indoors and natural body heat in crowded spaces.

If this look were to brave the chilly autumn weather, my advice would be to swap those sandals for knee-high boots and add a full-length sweater. When it comes to deciding what look to wear during that mid-semester rush, my advice of course would be to just choose one. One piece. One color.