December 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

“You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur.” – Karl Lagerfeld

As the coldest months approach, you need that furry vest to keep you warm. This past February, New York City hosted the 2016 Fall/Winter Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It displayed an array of furry coats and vests. From graphic fur to oversized fur to minimalistic fur vests and coats, high end designers, such as Jason Wu, Oscar de la Renta and many others, introduced multiple ways to wear fur. However, for Fashionistas/os like us on a budget, real fur is definitely out of our budget. But, like Karl Lagerfeld said above, faux fur can be chic.

This Fashionista wears fur vests everywhere—to school, lunch, fancy dinners and even to the bars in the winter. Her number one staple item, according to her, are her numerous vests, especially the one she is wearing in the pictures. Her outfit is composed of very comfy clothing garments such as her Zara leggings and her camel colored turtle neck sweater. Because the temperatures are dropping, she needs to keep her feet warm and her Tory Burch suede boots with fuzzy fabric inside that gives them a nice warmth. With all of the neutral colors in her outfit, the pop of red in her handbag allows it to stand out and fit in with the distinctive fall colors.

Fur can be seen in different forms, such as coats, vests, scarves and even headpieces, but this Fashionista loves showing off her faux fur through her vests. This vest is a zip-up vest that has a hood on the back, which is especially useful for those windy days to pull up and cover those ears. The fur in the vest is distributed by lines vertically to help elongate her torso. Additionally, there is a ruched elastic band on the bottom of the vest to help the vest adapt to the Fashionistas/os figure. Fall trends normally remain consistent through the years, however, it is fun to play around with this dominant textile, fur, for the season.This Fashionista adapted this trend into her laid back style personality adding a chic factor to her look.