STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cheers To Chukka Boots

Finding shoes that can be dressed up or dressed down in just the right way is tough. When I am looking for a shoe to do that, a majority of the time I turn to my ankle booties. The low cut of the boot brings a casual vibe, while the closed toe and small heel keep them dressy. For men, the chukka boot gives a similar effect.

Chukka boots can be one of the most versatile shoes for men if styled in the right way. In this Fashionisto’s case, his chukka boots almost give the appearance of a boat shoe. In situations that a boat shoe it too casual, the cut and color of this Fashionisto’s boots bring just the right amount of dressy. The laces bring an edge to the outfit that wouldn’t be there with another type of dress shoe.

Are you wondering the best way to style your pair of chukka boots? This Fashionisto made the right decisions in every aspect. His maroon button-up tucked into his white sweater gives the option for multiple looks. If he were to take his sweater off, the button-up would make the outfit more proper. This Fashionisto’s navy chinos blend nicely with the rich brown of the chukka boots. Finally, this Fashionisto’s shiny gold watch is the perfect accessory to polish off the outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dark colors make outfits appear more formal. Anytime I wear dark colors, I like to wear a gold watch to brighten my outfit up and my boots to keep me comfortable.”