Patterns have been all the rage lately, whether it’s plaid, checkered or even argyle. These types of patterns have not only been popular with girls but with guys, too! Walking around campus, I see so many people using patterns to show off their unique personalities. When guys wear these types of patterns, they tend to look more professional, but they can take this style anywhere they go while always looking good!

I spotted this Fashionisto wearing the perfect patterned shirt. His black and gray checkered shirt matches perfectly with the black blazer he paired it with. Guys typically do not like to walk around in huge jackets in the winter, so I think that this blazer is the perfect compromise for him in the colder winter temperatures. His button-down checkered shirt is the faultless amount of pattern to wear without going too overboard.

This Fashionisto’s picture perfect look can bring him anywhere! He could be on his way to class, going to an interview or even just going to grab dinner with his friends. The blazer he paired the checkered shirt with makes him look professional, but he could take that off, and just wear the shirt inside of a restaurant or anywhere else he might be headed. He accessorized with a black watch that can be worn with almost any outfit he wears. Also, he is wearing his favorite black boots that can go with mostly everything as well.

In my opinion, his choice of pattern makes him stand out in a crowd but not so much that all eyes are on him. It is definitely the spotlight of his ensemble. He looks stylish, professional and ready to take on his day!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always try to look good and show your personality through your choice of clothes—you never know who you might meet that day!”