STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Channeling Your Inner Beyoncé

Today’s post is dedicated to your inner diva, or, as I like to refer to it, your inner Beyoncé. Everyone has one and whether she comes out when you’re dancing in the mirror or when you’re strutting to class, she definitely comes out every once in a while. As Fashionistas, it is our duty to let our inner Beyoncé free to be expressed and adored through our daily outfits. I for one love channeling my inner Beyoncé and letting her show as much as possible.

This Fashionista is undoubtedly channeling her inner Beyoncé! From head to toe, her outfit screams fierceness but still looks appropriate to be going to class. In my opinion, her hair adds the most flavor. It is big and fabulous. You will definitely notice this Fashionista when she walks in the room. Her outfit is combo of a basic black turtle neck sweater dress and knee-high socks. Adding the patterned tights gives some extra fierceness and a fun look. Pairing it with combat boots brought it back to casual so that she did not look too dressed up to be on campus. Her bag was a great statement accessory that brought the look together nicely.

When it comes to unleashing your inner diva, the most important step is taking risks. It is okay to look different than every other student on campus. Having all eyes on you is not the worst thing in the world; it just means they notice and admire you. One risk-taking trends this spring is contrasting prints. Soft silhouettes with contrasting colors is a great way to take risk but look trendy while doing it. Try matching a flowing pattern shirt with a strict line jacket. This will give you some room to have fun to play around but bring it back to a structured look. Another way to take some risk is accessories. I am not big on wearing a lot of accessories on a daily bases but things like statement necklaces or earrings are always my go-to to make my outfit pop and look exciting.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Sometimes you wake up and don’t feel like getting dressed at all and sometimes you do. So get dressed up sometimes and look good, because you deserve it.”