To all my female readers who will never understand how men can get so messy so carelessly: I understand. To all my male readers: keep up the good work. Between what’s underneath their fingernails, to the way they eat a Chipotle burrito, my mind is always blown. It’s not so much disgust, as it is curiosity, coming from the girl who refuses to go a day without washing her hair.

Now that I’m done with my rant, I want to acknowledge how well this Fashionisto pulled off his white pants. For a guy, there are natural tendencies to spill some coffee or hot sauce just about anywhere. They can pull it off so easily because their pants are usually dark blue jeans. But for this Fashionisto, he’s proving to everyone how crisp and clean of a man he is. He probably even trims his fingernails on a regular basis. Watch out ladies.

Although they are white, they aren’t blinding anyone from a mile away. They have just the right amount of cream mixed in, while maintaining the denim material for some style. They also match with just about any color there is. White on white, black on white or my personal favorite, navy on white, are great pairs to rock this winter.

The casual feeling is always successfully addressed when the browns are brought out. For all my regular readers, you know how I feel about a pair of laced up short boots for men. They’re hot. And paired with his navy casual collar to bring out his dirty blond hair was a nice touch. A nice watch is one of the few accessories a man can rock, meaning every man should own one, even if he looks at his iPhone for the time. This Fashionisto put in the effort to let people know that he’s ready for class, or a date or even a nice brunch with his bros.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “No matter the outfit or style, if it doesn’t fit correctly, it won’t look good. I always look for slim/athletic fit shirts.”