On one of my many trips to Target, I spotted this Fashionisto sporting the perfect weekend wear for a cloudy summer day. Although it is summer, we still have those occasional days where the sun decides to go into hiding but this doesn’t mean our style has to as well! Being a college student doesn’t mean you don’t have to look nice. And hey—it’s way easier on the weekend when you don’t have to wake up early for work or summer classes. However it is way too hot to wear the typical sweatpants get-up. This Fashionisto shows the perfect way to rock a weekend look that can go from day to night easily!

For starters, the main part of his outfit that caught my attention was that he was not wearing the typical short sleeve or tank top that guys typically wear during the summer. Although its summer, quarter sleeve shirts are perfectly fine and the light colored plaid print makes it acceptable for all season. He adds a casual pair of dark denim jeans he picked up from Gap. Our Fashionisto says this is his favorite place to go for jeans because not only are they affordable, but they are stylish as well.

He completes his outfit with a pair of oxfords from men’s ALDO. Oxfords have been a huge statement trend for men over the past year. Almost every guy has at least two pairs: one black and one brown. And let’s not forget men are allowed to accessories too! Our Fashionisto finishes his outfit with a gold watch!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s harder for men to find stylish pieces without spending an arm and a leg. Sometimes looking in stores you wouldn’t typically go in is not a bad thing—you never know what you’ll find.”