Preppy attire is known for being polished and rather formal. Some classic pieces are polos, bowties and blazers. You no longer need to be “dressed up” to be in the preppy fashion. Nowadays, preppy clothing is all about a laid back style that still looks clean and sophisticated. Casual preppy outfits are very often seen being worn by college students who want to feel comfortable and put together at the same time.

This month’s Fashionisto pulls off this casual preppy style by wearing a comfy shawl collar sweater in a neutral gray color. The collared sweater mimics the signature collared look of a polo, which adds some preppiness to an otherwise classic sweater. He pairs his sweater with black jeans. Black jeans instantly dress up the look as opposed to a traditional blue jean because black looks more formal and it gives the illusion of being more well-dressed than you actually are. The denim keeps the look more casual and the black is more reserved, which is in typical preppy fashion. Our Fashionisto keeps his look neutral from head to toe by wearing beige suede oxfords. To accessorize his look he wears Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always go for a comfortable look but I like to look put together, too. I usually wear a lot of neutrals and have a lot of staple pieces so it is easy for me to layer and try different styles. I also get a lot of inspiration from what I see in magazines and by seeing what a mannequin has on in a store. I wear different outfits depending on what mood I am in and comfort is always a priority. I know I don’t have to dress up in a blazer or dress pants to feel stylish or refined.”