It can be hard to keep up with your style game everyday, especially as a college student. Some days you may be running late or barely surviving after pulling an all-nighter, but your style shouldn’t have to suffer as much as your sleep schedule. This Fashionisto shows us exactly how even the most basic pieces can make you look super stylish no matter the day.

A basic T-shirt is always a must-have for any Fashionista/o’s closet. Here, this Fashionisto pairs a gray T-shirt with some navy jogger pants. I love joggers because they are basically the secret to wearing sweatpants in public. He also kept with the casual look by wearing some athletic Nike shoes and a simple all-black watch (to help keep him on time). This outfit is perfect for many situations like class or grabbing a bite to eat with friends. It can even be brought into the colder months by adding a cool jacket. Even though all of these pieces can look a little too casual separately, putting them together creates a casual and cool vibe. 

The easiest way to nail the casual cool look, even in a hurry, is to make sure you stock your closet with pieces that have multiple uses. A simple T-shirt can be dressed up or down, for both girls and guys. One way to create an easy outfit with a T-shirt is to pair it with your favorite dark wash jeans, either some black boots or white sneakers and a cool motorcycle or bomber jacket. Always remember that looking stylish doesn’t always require statement pieces or expensive items, sometimes simple is better.