With temperatures steadily rising as we approach the “dog days of summer,” less truly is more in regards to clothing and staying cool. Cuffing articles of clothing, as exhibited by this Fashionisto, is the perfect way to look polished, cool down and show a little more skin.

The versatility and range of clothing that can be cuffed to transform a piece from winter to summer is astounding. Whether you choose long sleeved or short sleeved, a fitted button-down is the perfect piece for cuffing and wearing in the summertime. Some button-downs can even be bought pre-rolled!

This Fashionisto takes it to the next level by cuffing his chino shorts as well. The double cuffing paired with the perfect fit of his shorts and shirt makes the outfit appear very streamlined. His shirt is buttoned all the way to the top and his shorts are fitted to his thighs giving the illusion of added length and making the Fashionisto look even taller than he already is. This outfit could easily be dressed up or down depending on the way the Fashionisto chooses to accessorize.

By adding a pair of Ray-Bans and Birkenstocks the Fashionisto assures that the look screams summer. Birkenstocks have recently gained popularity with men and women due to their comfort and level of accessibility. Everyone should invest in a pair of Ray-Bans, not only because they are the classic pair of summer shades, but also because of their durability. They are sure to last you many summers if you take care of them!

While this Fashionisto chose to cuff pieces that are made for summer, practically any article of clothing can be cuffed! If you’re hesitant about cuffing and don’t know where to start, jeans are the perfect starter piece because they always look good rolled up a few times. You can make a pair of jeans that are too long fit by rolling them up, or even roll them a few more times to have a pair of capris.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to embrace the sunshine and vitamin D by cuffing your shorts and heading outside! I find it best to only roll them thinly once or twice to keep your appearance put together.”