Happy December! As the best month of the year rolls around, we look to Fashionistas to help give us ideas on what to put on our holiday wish lists. I love to browse around Pinterest or people watch around campus to see the latest trends. As the weather begins to change, so do our outfits. This fall has been amazing weather-wise; we were able to fully indulge in all of our favorite fall trends. Since winter is right around the corner it is our last chance to show a little leg before we have to cover them up in stockings.

I saw one Fashionista pulling off this exact look. She was wearing a plain black dress with an oversized sweater cardigan. She accessorized with black boots and leg warmers. She was also carrying a Michael Kors tote and wore Pandora rings. The black and off-white color scheme gave the outfit a more classy and sophisticated look. It allowed her to stand out, but not in a showy way. The oversized sweater made the look more casual, which is perfect when going to class. The cardigan is very trendy and can be used for many different outfits, making it a smart buy. She can rock this look to class, family dinner, date or holiday party. If she wanted to add another accessory to this outfit I would suggest an off white infinity scarf.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “I love my bag. I have my whole life in it. I love having a big bag to carry around all of my random junk in. I also love sweaters, comfort is key in my daily fashion routine.”