STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Capes Aren't Just For Superheroes

Welcome back to school everyone! As we fall into the spring semester, the weather begins to become colder and new trends seem to arise. Unfortunately, New Jersey has some very bipolar weather and cannot seem to make up its mind. One day it is snowing, and the next it is so sunny; so many people have become confused on what to wear. Something I have consistently seen in this fluctuating weather around New Brunswick has been capes or ponchos.

This Fashionista utilized a cape to create a stylish, authentic flair to her style, while still being warm enough to endure the weather. This neutral-colored cape could be paired with anything; She chose to match it with some cozy olive green pants and cleated, chunky ankle booties. These items are extremely practical for the snow that just hit New Jersey and allow the Fashionista to portray her style easily. Walking to class has never been so comfortable and practical, especially in the vacillating weather! Since her outfit was full of neutral tones, she accessorized with a gold coin statement necklace and a bold red, matte lip for a modern urban look.

Capes and ponchos have been on the rise since fall 2015 and continue to make their way into Winter 2016. They can be layered to make any outfit as warm as possible in this (sometimes) brutal climate. This Fashionista’s cape paired neutral tones with bold accessories, allowing her to channel a chic street style, yet still be super comfortable.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s always important to keep in mind when picking out an outfit to be yourself and never be afraid of being different. Don’t let a little snow stop you from rocking your favorite heeled booties and a bold red lip!”