Sporty Spice had it right all along. Melding high fashion and athletic wear is both trendy and practical. Sportswear has been pushing its way onto the fashion scene for quite some time. The trend can be found on various runways including Alexander Wang and Hood by Air. The gender-neutral trend is a blend of urban street style influences emphasized with sharp lines and bold color contrasts. Characterized by sports jerseys, bucket hats and clean kicks, this trend has made its way to the forefront with the help of several celebrity fashion icons such as Rihanna, Schoolboy Q and the infamous Kanye West. The street wear style takes on West Coast influences while incorporating elements that can be found on the runway to create a merger that is both pragmatic and polished.

I am always a sucker for sporty menswear and this Fashionisto’s hockey inspired Stüssy jersey tickled my fancy. The brand, which originated in Orange County, California in the ‘80s, is well known for its street inspired clothing and has become popular among the street wear and hip hop scenes. The jersey represents the core of the athletic fashion movement. Both sporty yet stylish the top is a great standout piece for either males or females looking to embrace the trend.

The bucket hat is not just for fishermen anymore. The cap has been labeled cool by the fashion world (thank you, Schoolboy Q!). This Fashionisto paired his jersey with a black reversible bucket hat atop his finely preened hair. On his feet, he wore a pair of extremely well-kept white sneakers. Tucking the hem of his pants into the tongue of the sneaker allows the shoe its chance to shine. There is always a chance of rain in Tallahassee, so this Fashionisto tossed a black windbreaker over his shoulder in case of a downpour. Even slung over his shoulder, the piece adds personality and shine to the look. Finally, he strapped a silver big-faced watch around his wrist. A gentleman must always be on time, and this watch allows him to do so in style.

Look beyond fashion to find inspiration for your looks. Incorporating elements of activities you enjoy, such as sports, can pay off and result in a stellar ensemble.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be hindered by the judgment of others. Wear what you want!”