STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Button-Down For Four Seasons

If the weather where you live is anything like Boston this time of year (winter in the morning, summer by mid-afternoon and fall in the evening), you have come to the right place. Ever since the cooler weather has rolled in, button-downs and flannel shirts have hit the shelves for both women and men. You often see red plaid as a staple for the fall, however, this Fashionista’s oversized button-down stood out to me.

To me, it’s not fall until the temperature consistently stays the same all day. During this time of year, I often find myself changing outfits to keep up with the fluctuating temperature. You don’t often see summer pieces paired with fall staples. This Fashionista, however, put together an chic yet temperature appropriate outfit that allows her to keep cool all day. Her white crop top and shorts were effortlessly paired, but what caught my eye was her denim button-down. In the morning, she can wear it as a light, oversized jacket that will be sure to keep her warm. Once the warmer temperature hits in the afternoon, she has several options to style her button-down to prevent her from just carrying it in her hands. To tie her outfit together, she wears pointed toe red flats. Technically speaking, fall has started. Therefore, by adding some warm colors to her outfit, this Fashionista is keeping in time with the seasons, even if they aren’t keeping in time with outfit expectations.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My main philosophy is to just be comfortable in the clothes you wear, especially during this time of year. The temperature change can be irritating, but you just need to work around it. Don’t be afraid to pair summer and fall pieces with each other. You will be pleasantly surprised!”