The strong winds and dripping icicles have brought out the big guns in outerwear throughout the past couple of days here in New York City. The streets, the trains and the offices are becoming filled with puffy jackets everywhere. What’s the easiest and stylish way to keep warm and look good this season? Well, a burly coat is sure to be your golden ticket to the chocolate factory.
This Fashionisto combines his polished office attire with a great example of a burly coat fit for winter’s wrath. Here, he starts off by pairing a tailored, brown twill pant with a simple, structured, collared shirt. Brown leather loafers complete the look while also adding a pop of shine to contrast the rest of the ensemble. A cool combination of blues and browns make a cohesive color palette working on a casual level as well as a professional one.
So what’s so great about these jackets? This Fashionisto exhibits how a giant, puffy coat can quickly become the focal point of an outfit. With it’s thick layers of fleece, wool and lining of felt, a burly coat adds a unique shape to the look, keeping you all toasty and warm. While it can put a strong emphasis and weight to the upper body, the lower half instantly becomes slimmer and more flattering. It’s like wearing a cozy blanket that’s socially acceptable to leave your house with! Usually accented with fur, the burly coat also duals as an eskimo’s dream. It’s super comfy and keeps the cold out. Who knew eskimos could be so chic?
What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “Keep it appropriate for the daily work environment, but try to add a few statement pieces once in a while.”