With the summer in full force and the sun beaming down on us with no remorse, hats are being pulled out of every closet. With all of the different styles of hats available and seen on campus, which hat should you pull out to keep in style with the rest of your fellow Fashionistos and Fashionistas? Well, in the past year or two, bucket hats in particular are coming back on the scene in new, or more so reoccurring, fashion trends. Bucket hats, from what I’ve seen, are one of the most versatile trends right now: making appearances on campus in various textures, patterns, colors, designs, supporting different teams and the like.

This isn’t the first time fashion culture has taken a court-side seat to being a fan of bucket hats. This trend has been around in the fashion world for decades now. From seeing it on Gilligan’s Island in the ’60s to it becoming a familiar statement in hip-hop from the ’80s to ’90s to a more teeny-bop take in the late ’90s and early 2000s, bucket hats are now being seen on artists and style icons again like Rihanna and Schoolboy Q. Whether wearing a very put together outfit for an event with your friends or lounging outside on campus, there is a style and look when it comes to bucket hats for every occasion. Basic colors for an addition to your outfit, team related pieces or abstract designs on your bucket hat, they are a must have once again in your summer closet. If history is any indication, don’t get rid of your bucket hats because even if you’re not feeling them in a couple of months, they’ll definitely be back again soon enough.

This Fashionisto uses a basic look to allow his bucket hat and shoes take the front seat to his appearance, although this is only one of the ways you can dress this item up. His simple white T-shirt and blue jeans keeps the focus on the piece of his outfit he wants to highlight, also enhancing the way his bucket hat and shoes complement each other. Lebron 12’s top off the look so he can bring a little Christmas to the summertime and his bucket hat only adds to his ensemble.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “Bucket hats can be worn at anytime and each time can bring something different to your outfit, which makes it a part of my go-to wardrobe. Not to mention, it definitely helps when I’m working outside in the sun which is a huge benefit.”