STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bringing Back The '50s!

When we think about comebacks, we sometimes tend to think that it’ll only come back from the ’80s or ’90s. We don’t usually think that the ’50s would make a huge comeback, but here we are! The classy chiffon button-downs are hard to come by nowadays. When thinking of chiffon, slouchy shirts that are tucked in skinny jeans are what I think of when it comes to this day and age. But, who knew that short sleeve button-downs with that type of gossamer fabric would make another wave in fashion?

When thinking about the ’50s, romantic movies of independent women and classy men falling for them pop up in my mind. Not only does that pop in my mind, the classy modesty of mid-length skirts and chiffon short sleeve button-downs also appear. A tied scarf around the neck should complete the look! Maybe an Ingrid Bergman-inspired hairstyle with side swept hair and elegant waves would also be a nice touch. The chiffon short-sleeved top can come in many styles like collared, sheer or casual.

This Fashionista wore the chiffon button-down in the classy style of the ’50s, the age of the silver screen actresses who took Hollywood by storm. With a pale mid-length skirt and a pale pink short sleeve top, the Fashionista decided that simple tan sandals would complete the look. She completed the look by styling her hair like the beloved icons of the ’50s and used bobby pins to keep the side-swept look in place.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love being different than others in my sense of style while also being comfortable in my own skin. The ’50s are my main focus for my style.”