STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bring Back the '90s

We all thought about bringing the ’90s trends back. But what’s the most modern way to dress these old trends out? This Fashionista combined her aesthetic with the ’90s trends she favors. Polka dot and overalls are both trends from the ’90s that continued to influence the fashion world. On a sunny day in UW-Madison, she chose to show off her style.

The Fashionista used polka-dot element as the base top. In the ’90s polka-dots are colorful on tops. The popping colors represent active personalities of girls and boys who wear polka-dots. She naturally changed the style from popping to quiet and elegant using the color difference. White and translucent also create a sense of mystery for the outfit. The overall on top of it took us back to the time when celebrities rocked a unisex look. Instead of shorts or pants, she chose an overall with a skirt under to show a more feminine part of her. The metal details bring out the cuteness and matches with polka dots perfectly. The black backpack from Marc by Marc Jacobs is simple but etiquette. The small pockets designed on the front could fit in small things like keys and cards. When modern design mixes with old fashion elements, something fun could always happen. The lightning parts of her outfit are the orange-red lips and red sandals. The two bright colors together bring out another side of her. Apart from being nostalgic and cute, she could also be warm and enthusiastic.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When modern design mixes with old fashion elements, something fun [can[ always happen.”