Every single day when you wake up is brand new. You may not be in control of what happens, but you can be in control of how you approach and react to whatever it is that life decides to throw your way. One of the things you can control is your fashion and, in my opinion, this can definitely positively impact you and give you the extra edge to tackle adversity!

College is filled with days where your fashion can range from oversized crewnecks and leggings to your favorite dress and bright red pumps. This Fashionista has nailed a look that is both casual and fancy; she’s ready for anything that she may face on Ann Arbor’s college campus. Her navy blue dress is a comfy material that, when paired with her wedge boots and textured black tights, gives her an elegant look that sends vibes of sophistication and determination to those who see her with a touch of fun!

While at University, it is an extremely important thing to present yourself to the world in a way that makes you feel the most confident; this is different for everyone! A leather jacket to someone might fill him or her with the same amount of positive energy that a dress with the tallest combat boots may send to another. We’re in our formative years and it’s best that we feel comfortable in our own skin while we’re here!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear what makes you feel good about yourself. If you can feel happy and confident in leggings and a crewneck, go for it. For me, I feel way better about myself when I feel put together. Never be afraid to be overdressed. On days that I know are going to be tough, I put on a nice outfit because I know it’ll bring me up when the world is dragging me down.”