There is no denying that choosing a stylish yet accommodating bag to lug around your supplies for school is difficult, but this struggle does not end with girls: boys have the same mountain to climb. I remember being in grade school and insisting I had to have a pink rolling backpack, that slowly evolved into a messenger bag and then a solid colored Jansport backpack. In college we don’t have to carry around our books as much but our laptops, hard drives and cameras are always on us (at least for us photo majors). It’s all about being comfortable on your long trek to school and making sure you and your items get to school safely.

This Fashionisto was on his way to school and was fully equipped for a long day of classes in the snowy weather. He was dismounting his bike when I approached and we started talking about his bag immediately. He had just purchased his Sutter’s Mill Tool Bag from United By Blue and said it was the perfect size for all of his gadgets that are constantly on him. The bag was armed with brass hardware, and it had six exterior pockets and three internal. The bag was a khaki color that matches just about any color and the strap was removable to switch up the look of the bag. Along with his bag he had a warm Barbour style coat that was lined with a green and white plaid. He wore a neutral shirt and black jeans for an overall casual yet professional look.

Are you looking for your next bag and don’t know which way to turn? Check out Wilson’s Leather, Ralph Lauren and L.L.Bean for some styles where you can’t go wrong. Always check to see what kind of pockets your bag has, check if it is laptop safe and read customer reviews on products before you pay up! Spending a little extra on bags is always a good investment–having a strap break is the worst thing ever and I know this from experience. So browse around before you make your next purchase!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear things that suit you and your personality!”