Expecting rain but not a downpour on those hot summer days? We have the answers for you Fashionistos: a sleeveless hoodie top. This is great no matter the season due to its lightweight nature. In the winter you can just add a coat or a long sleeve shirt to stay warm. But since it is summer, all you need is this top which will protect your head from a light downpour when it rains.

This is the top of this season, next season and maybe even the season after that; but let me give you a few reasons why that is. They give you the best of both worlds: warmth and cool to help you manage in bipolar weather. It has a simple design concept so it is very easy to dress it up. You can get your sleeveless hoodie or hooded jersey top with just drawstrings like this Fashionisto or one with a zipper.  This look is good for all ages and believe it or not, could be considered an unisex outfit idea. The best part is that you can show off your guns! Whether they are fully loaded or not, with this top, no one will be looking at your arms but your style instead.

This Fashionisto has done a great job dressing up this top to make a very trendy ensemble. He has added some standout fluorescently colored sneakers. This will have people looking at you up and down because your outfit is on point, down to your shoes. With some classic jeans for a cool rainy day, you are almost set to take on the town or your summer classes. Just like his style, the only thing left to obtain this look is a watch and some bracelets.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you’re going to wear darker colors, you should try to add a bright color splash in your outfit somewhere, whether it’s shoes, a jacket or even a simple accessory.”