STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Borrowed From The Boys

March 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Fashion and style have always been an art medium that cultivates personal expression. What you choose to wear and how you wear it is, in its own way, a declaration of your own distinct individuality. To that end, it can be said that there’s not exactly one definite way to dress—boundaries are always being crossed and rules are always being bent. The ability of fashion to be a form of a creative outlet is exactly why these very boundaries can be crossed. For this article in particular, I’m applying this concept to the fact of menswear, a territory that isn’t just exclusive to men, but is instead becoming more and more explored by women!

For example, designer Jil Sander’s 2015 spring ready-to-wear collection is a recent representation of the classic coalescence of genders. Women aren’t just simply taking on menswear, they’re changing it into something expressive and unique. Represented by today’s lovely Fashionista, her look as a whole took on this menswear trend: neutral colors, masculine tailoring and overall, a very simple and minimal aesthetic. If you’re looking to copy this trend, check out these shoes, this silk shirt and this oversized coat. If you’d like to mimic this style, opt for simple and basic pieces with a certain color palette in mind—you can never go wrong with black!

There is no doubt that this “borrowed from the boys” trend has been given more attention in recent years, and in a way, I see it as a perfect representation of the flexibility and multiformity of fashion. It is indefinitely up to the individual to create a look of their choice, but shedding light on this beautiful style is my way of advocating the infinite possibilities in fashion, and even in art. If women can pull off menswear (perhaps even better than men can!), then it just can’t be said that menswear is strictly for men, or vice versa. Individuality knows no boundaries, which this Fashionista also proves in her personal blog.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Small, understated pieces can add a lot of character to an outfit. I never leave the house without my vintage wristwatch—it’s my mom’s cartier from the ’80s and it adds a little soul to any outfit.”