When I was little I had a special pair of boots that I wore with just about every outfit, every single day. Now I would say that boots can go with just about anything, but mine were white cowgirl boots with pink and blue stitching and had an obnoxious amount of fringe.They definitely did not match everything. Unbeknownst to me, I continued to wear these cowgirl boots all the time, especially while riding my plastic spring horse in the basement, Strawberry. Today, there are so many different styles of boots made. One trendy style is the over-the knee-boots, like those worn by this Fashionista.

Not only did she rock these over-the-knee boots, she also paired them with pieces that complemented her overall look. She chose a bold patterned skirt made from a thick quilted fabric. It has quilting stitches that form a triangular pattern which cover the entire surface. This Fashionista paid close attention to fine details when it came to this skirt! She then chose a black off-the-shoulder shirt which was simple, yet added some pizazz to her outfit. In addition to her rings and earrings, the smooth leather belt really helped to tie the look together (literally). Topping her look off with a tan colored trench coat maintained a neutral color palette, with a splash of maroon from the skirt.

This is an excellent look for a cool winter day when the ground isn’t coated in fluffy white snow. The over the knee boots provide sufficient leg coverage from the chilly temperatures, while also providing a certain level of chicness to any outfit. Pairing these with a skirt is the perfect way to embrace the colder weather, but still hang on to those fall pieces you love.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For me it’s all about keeping up with the trends, but staying true to myself in that process. With the numerous styles of boots out there, choose one that best represents you and incorporate those into your favorite outfits.”