The weather this winter has been weird, to say the least. I found myself wearing dresses at the end of December, something I’ve never been able to do before! This Fashionista created an outfit that is perfect for days that start out rather chilly and warm up by the afternoon. This outfit is made so convertible by the focal piece, the fleece bomber jacket. Once removed, the outfit still holds its own.

Bomber jackets seemed to be everywhere this fall, and as we go into the colder winter months, I expect to see them even more. Personally, my style is more feminine, but the bomber jacket definitely makes any outfit so much cooler and edgier. The fleece material keeps the wearer warm on milder winter days.

A fleece bomber jacket like this is a must because it is not only super warm, but it is still trendy and relevant. It makes an outfit seem a lot more put together than a typical Patagonia fleece would!

The other pieces in the outfit hold as much personality as the jacket. The cropped top and earrings add some edge while the boyfriend jeans and athletic shoes contribute to a more masculine vibe. The sunglasses are a little more vintage-girly and help balance out the outfit as a whole.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I really like combining trendy pieces together in a way that is still comfortable and true to my style. I guess I would say to dress in what makes you most comfortable!”