I may have just found your new favorite style of jacket that works for just about every season. A jacket in summer? I know, it’s crazy. It’s close to impossible to go into any retail store this month without seeing the bomber jacket. This piece is known to be light, with a satin-like feel, that accentuates any outfit. You can get your hands on one in just about every color, texture, pattern, and length. So with such a versatile piece, how do you even know where to start with styling it? Well, this Fashionista has got you covered.

With jackets in general, it can be easy to opt for dark colors and edgy looks. Take for example the fall 2016 ready-to-wear YEEZY collection. Kanye West showcased a variety of show stopping bombers in this collection that were paired with a group of neutral colors such as taupe, black, chocolate brown, etc. However, as the trend has continued to rise, there’s been an increase in the overall color palette for this jacket to include bright and fun colors such as sunshine yellow and bubblegum pink. The bomber jacket is no longer restricted to this dark and edgy look they were once introduced as, but now are open to just about any style out there.

I spotted this Fashionista heading to her local coffee shop when I couldn’t help but take a long gaze at her cotton candy pink bomber. Not only that, but her look captured that edge while sticking to those rather light colors at the same time. She paired her bomber with the equally on trend crisscross, cotton T-shirt, that also had a fun tie-dye print to enhance this solid color look. Her look began to scream edge with the use of the destroyed, light wash jeans, and lace-up combat boots that featured a solid heel to still give this look a flirty and fun aspect. With so many clothing pieces already, this Fashionista stuck to minimal jewelry by sporting an embellished, gold bracelet. This Fashionista incorporated a variety of colors that in the end played wonderfully together and gave her the casual, street style look she was going for. 

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “With bomber jackets, it’s all about versatility, they can easily be worn for casual wear with boyfriend jeans, or made sophisticated paired with a dress.”