October 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

Now that we have finally accepted that fall is upon us, styles around campus have slowly started to change with the season. Flip-flops are a rarity to see and boots, sweaters, leggings and free flowing tops are the new normal. The best part about fall fashion is the more layers we add to our outfits each day, the more options we have for fun new styles. Less isn’t always more ladies! This season provides endless opportunity for variety; so don’t be afraid to change up the personality of your outfit each week.

This Fashionista has pieced together the perfect early-fall look, expressing her bohemian chic style effortlessly. Her white, distressed denim is a great way to incorporate last season’s apparel into her wardrobe while the weather still allows for it. The pairing of her mini studded booties allows this outfit to transition nicely with the new season. Now let’s talk about her fun, free spirited top. Its loose, flowing style creates a carefree essence, and the printed pattern gives the shirt a chic vibe. The open-tie sleeves and back button also flow nicely, adding a fresh, feminine touch.

The bohemian-chic vibe is just one of many personality choices you can base your outfit off of this fall season. With a variety of deep hues and playful textures, there are endless options of how to express your creative side with what you wear.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to be bold! Just because it’s after Labor Day doesn’t mean you have to put your white away. I rocked my white skinnies and didn’t care what anyone said.”