As I conversed with this Fashionista about the poetry slam we had just attended, we reached the topic of fashion. After complimenting her outfit, she revealed to me that she had had these pieces in her wardrobe since high school, but she was too afraid to wear them during that time.

Since the fall season is approaching and most people rely on bulkier items to hide themselves in, I encourage you all to be bold as the air gets crisper! Although this outfit isn’t necessarily the definition of fall, concepts from it can still be used in the transition between seasons. Large, vintage prints are the perfect starting point to build an outfit around. This Fashionista ,in particular, uses that idea in her maxi skirt, which catches the eye’s attention at first glance.

Competing with such a busy pattern isn’t the easiest task to complete, but she successfully tones it down with a cropped black tank top and gladiator sandals, highlighting the slivers of black weaved throughout the skirt. If that wasn’t enough color coordination, the fact that her braids match the tones of purple in the skirt as well just goes to show how an outfit can be pulled together through one pattern and complimentary tones. Incorporating these concepts into your outfits as the fall season approaches will prevent your style game from flopping and instead help it become pure fire!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wearing a bold print as the central piece of an outfit gives surrounding elements a platform to base themselves on. Not only does it make you look coordinated, it will also have people thinking you spent longer deciding what to wear than you actually did!”