STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Blue, Blue and More Blue

This season it is all about the color blue. The crisp blue sky and mix of blue ocean colors are repetitively seen throughout our summer days. Blue is such a go-to comfort color that is wearable for both Fashionistas and Fashionistos.

This Fashionisto is on trend this season as he rocks a blue on blue outfit. He caught my attention with his preppy style and the way he used his shades of blue. The dark navy polka dot print, button-down shirt gives a nice clean crisp appearance and his short sleeves are great for summer. Instead of wearing this shirt with a complementary color, he decides to go with a monochromatic look. The aqua blue shorts set off a pop of color creating a cool feel to his outfit. If he used a darker pair of shorts it would add too much warmth to the outfit for this summer weather, so this Fashionisto was clever with his choice of tinted shorts. While the shade of blue in his shirt gives a calm vibe, his eccentric blue shorts liven up his outfit with an exhilarating feel for the start of this summer.

The accessories chosen by the Fashionisto added to his preppy look. Wearing gray boat shoes keeps him polished, but also dulls out the aqua blue shorts so they are not too overwhelming. He additionally pairs his outfit with black-rimmed wayfarer sunglasses and a black leather Fossil watch. His whole outfit has come together to give off a preppy personality and cool appearance.

Blue is a reliable refreshing color that is definitely a must have, go-to for the summer. Don’t be afraid to pair multiple shades of blue together, as it will be a fun trend this season. This summer keep your style fresh, bold and most importantly fun!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always have a look good, feel good attitude.”