April 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

So you may have noticed that monochrome looks are having a moment in fashion lately. We have seen the black on black and we have seen the white on white, and these are both classic chic looks. But it can get boring, so what can we do to break up the monotony of this trend while sticking to its monochrome roots? The answer lies in simple statement tops.

When thinking about this trend, I honestly think of the Hannah Montana episode with the meowing cat sweater. I mean what makes a statement better than a sweater that meows? Luckily for us, while Miley matured from her Disney days, statement sweaters have matured to fit more sophisticated wardrobes. You can ease into the trend with something simple like this star printed Chinti and Parker sweater or go all in with this neon graphic Moschino option. You can even fall in the middle with this sequined Marc Jacobs black sweater. No matter which way you choose to test out a statement sweater, they all succeed in breaking up a monochrome look with some detail.

Take some cues from this Fashionista and her monochrome black ensemble. Her black jeans and sweater keep her look simple and chic while the graphic jewels make the sweater stand out. This amazing sweater creates the perfect eye-catching pop of detail without overwhelming the look she is going for. Her addition of sunglasses and casual tennis shoes finish off the laid back look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “With all this gloomy weather we have at this time of year, I do my best to add a little pizzaz to my outfits every day. Bad weather can be depressing but that doesn’t mean your clothes have to be!”