With fall comes bipolar weather. Here at ECU, it has been raining for weeks and though the sun isn’t shining, this Fashionista is! No matter the season or reason, one of my biggest yes’s and go-to’s would have to be a blazer. Pairing a blazer with any apparel option can make a regular look appear to be business casual. Many of my professors, a.k.a. adults with experience, have told me that your future employer could one day be walking around campus. So why not dress to impress? But stay comfortable while you are at it.

Blazers have been a key component in gender neutral attire, perfectly contrasting the masculine with the feminine, adding an edgy look. Blazers are very versatile and can be made with lightweight to heavy fabric that can be wearable during any season. Most people will wear them with pants or jeans, but do not be afraid to try it out with a long flared skirt. A skirt plus blazer might seem to be private school-like, but trust me—it is not. It’s a perfect balance of girly but serious or even casual but fun.

Let’s take notes on how to dress for the masses. This Fashionista has chosen to match colored pants with a simple solid-colored shirt. Normally this would be an ordinary look but with a blazer something magical happens. She accessorizes this look with her oversized striped bag and low top booties. One of her best accessories besides her smile would be the feature that helps accentuate it—her pink lipstick. Lipstick is always bold and daring! It is worth the risk when the perfect outfit comes along.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it.”