September 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Birkenstocks have made a complete comeback. When I was in elementary school, everyone had a pair of the unique strappy German sandals. Since the 1990s are making a huge style revival, is it only fitting that these sandals are included. I am delighted at the comeback of the Birkenstock brand because they are extremely versatile. Are you ready to slip them back on?

When diving back into this trend, it is easy to find the perfect pair for you because they have hundreds of styles and patterns. The colors range greatly from matte black, white patent, floral and pretty pastels. Birkenstock often refers to their sandals as just simply being made of cork, leather and buckles. Those simple design elements are what make them stand out. The Arizona sandal shown on the Fashionista above is my personal favorite. They are chic, and offer endless styling opportunities!

This Fashionista chose to pair her brown Birks with a little black dress and a great floppy hat. This outfit perfectly represents a great transition look from summer to fall. She styled her look with a layered necklace, a simple ring and a gold watch. Also, she polishes off her look with a Tory Burch bag and tortoise shell sunglasses. The combination of brown and black in her outfit hints towards fall. The sleeveless dress and sandals allude to the warmer days of September. This outfit dresses up the sandal a little bit and results in a polished look.

Birkenstocks are so simple and comfortable they can be combined with tons of different looks as well! Besides casual dresses they look great styled with high-waited shorts and fun crop top. Your opportunities are endless.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? ” I love my Birks because I can wear them everywhere. They are great to wear to class or on the weekends with all kinds of different outfits.”