STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Big Coats For Little Folks

Here we are approaching the most wonderful time of the year, when sporting half our wardrobe on our shoulders in the name of generating heat, and blocking wind has become socially acceptable. Conversely, super-sizing has shown to give outfits a more laidback look, but can nonetheless make anyone look vivaciously stylish. Hence, the oversized coat is winter fashion’s flattering answer to all the torn and confused souls who are unwilling to freeze, but are also tired of wearing winter coats that make them look like marshmallows under stacks of clothes. The spacious boyfriend-cut enables a more ample way of layering beneath the surface. At last, we’ve reached a congruous compromise with winter’s benumbing temperature.

Blooming effervescently like a gentle bellflower who curiously seems unaffected by the blistering cold surrounding her, this Fashionista here keeps things cute and cozy with a grey, knit sweater underneath and a cropped button-down, which itself is a modern twist to the classic Oxford dress shirt. Those layers, paired with black, ripped skinny jeans, are edgy enough to stand on their own, but are also minimal so the attention is entirely drawn on the exquisite spectacle that is her coat.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say this is the perfect coat. It stands out, but doesn’t try too hard. It’s nice to look at, until it disappears into the night. Its eclectic patterns, with the mix of burgundy, purple and olive green, work surprisingly well, and form a smoky spectrum of geometric enlightenment. The rectangular meets the liberated triangles; the red drowns in the black (please excuse all my was a literary references; I’m almost done). This coat epitomizes a perfect balance between subtlety and audacity.

In terms of coats, in past seasons, we’ve come to know that winter whites can be refreshing, that fur looks beyond glamorous in the snow and monochromatic outfits succinctly look chic. Now, we know that a coat, simultaneously serving as an unpredictable palette filled with bold colors, can achieve a more Baroque and smoldering side to winter. This oversized coat wins against winter. It’s never been a competition, but it wins.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always make sure you feel comfortable and never box yourself into one look or style. Explore and try something new!”