STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Better Check For The Next Turtleneck

Blame Global Warming, but the recent weather in New York City has us city slickers beyond ecstatic. Our warm December temperatures are even rivaling the Sunshine State—sorry LA, you have nothing on us. I caught this Fashionista on the go during one of our picture perfect days. Rather than donning a jacket or outerwear, she was able to stay seasonally-chic but weather appropriate. It has been too warm for serious outerwear, so she chose to stick to the favorite, comfortable trend: oversized turtlenecks. By pairing the sweater with a mini skirt and short booties, she takes advantage of the warm weather while still sticking to fall trends. Seriously though, who remembers the last time that we could wear bare legs in the middle of December?

Turtlenecks are everything, and I mean everything. Starting from December and ending in February, all you will find me in are turtlenecks. A tight and light fabric turtleneck is great to pair with high-waisted jeans—it shows off your figure but keeps you work appropriate. A flowy and colorful turtleneck is great to spice up your winter wardrobe shades and keep you warm at the same time. My all time favorite, though, is oversized turtlenecks. An extremely oversized, thick knit turtleneck is fabulous for lazy days; pair it with leggings and tall boots to look fashionable, even though you just rolled out of bed. If your hair is a mess, hide the bottom of your hair in the neck of the sweater (like she does) and throw on a hat. A moderately oversized turtleneck, like the one this Fashionista is wearing, is great to pair with a skirt. Tuck it in or leave it out—up to you—and then pair it with any length skirt. If I need more mobility, I like a mini, but if I am heading to work, I prefer a tight, midi length fit. I love the skirt and turtleneck look because it has a sexy appeal, while also being comfortable and super stylish. Also, don’t forget about turtleneck sweater dresses—talk about easy, cozy and trendy.

Although this Fashionista caught my attention with her turtleneck, I especially loved how she was able to pair such varying textures and fabrics in one outfit. The sweater is of a knit material, the skirt is vegan leather, the satchel is half fur, half leather and the shoes are a shiny patent leather. Despite giving off completely different visuals, she was able to mix them all and make it work. For me, that was the stand out element of her outfit!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Oversize it, over layer it. You can never go wrong or be too warm.”