In the early 19th century, bell-bottoms were first introduced in the U.S Navy in the form of wide trousers ending in bell-shaped cuffs. Since then, they have appeared and reappeared throughout the fashion industry in both denim and trouser materials worn with wooden clogs in the mid-’60s, as Elephant bells in the mid-to-late ’70s and altering the boot-cut trend forming flare jeans in the late ’90s.

Even today, the bell-bottom trend is found all over the runway. Coach celebrates the “baby bells” in their 2015 spring collection saying, “it’s nostalgic, it’s flattering and at Coach it comes in a color that’ll paint your wardrobe all kinds of pastel-pretty.” They additionally appeared in Frame Denim’s 2015 fall collection tied together with denim jumpsuits and suede jeans and culottes, all classic and “chic essentials.” However, this Fashionista goes beyond the typical denim bell-bottom look by pairing the flare style of pant with an abstract, eye-catching pattern.

These bold pants can be worn to class, out to dinner or to a parade in downtown New Orleans. In this look, this Fashionista kept it casual to class by combining these bell-bottoms with an airy, cotton tank top. Bell-bottoms are exceptionally versatile and can instead be paired with a tucked button-down and jacket for a more formal attire, with an oversized, earthy sweater for a relaxing fall transition style or a deep V-neck sleeved bodysuit for a night out.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Mixing style and comfort is key. I try to keep my eyes out for the best way to look put together while still keeping it casual.”