Sometimes, we try and get a little too trendy. As an industry, the fashion world gets caught up in what the newest wild style or pattern of the season is. This Fashionisto caught my eye because he reminded me of one simple thing—you don’t have to do the most to look and feel great. Fashion, to me, is all about wearing what makes you the most comfortable and excited to walk out the door in the morning, and this is a wonderful example of just that. This Fashionisto needed nothing more than a basic white shirt and straight-cut jeans to absolutely exude confidence. You can see it, and it isn’t overpowered by anything loud in what he’s wearing.

He’s wearing a basic scoop neck that does the job just fine, and you for sure have one lying around somewhere in the bottom of your closet. Your most trusted pair of jeans and a worn-in pair of skater shoes help finish this look. Maybe this week, take a step back and throw on the outfit that makes you feel like you can take on the world. It may be the latest pair of colored skinny jeans or even the newest wild button-down that’s taking the world by storm. It may just be your favorite and most worn shirt. No matter what it is, let it bring you back to the basic and most important rule of fashion—confidence is key.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You know yourself the best. Dress for you and nobody else. Simply stated—that’s my style.”