STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Basic Intelligence

Obedience, responsibility and following protocol are things that one needs to follow if they want to survive in a military environment. This holds true for university students as well. However, we have the luxury of not being restricted to wearing a standard uniform on a daily basis. I can’t imagine what it would be like to see clones of yourself at all hours dressed in the same attire. Camouflage print would be the only thing your eyes would see; not allowing any individual to stand out amongst their comrades. Recently I came across an individual modeling this print, but it was not the standard version that made its first debut on the battlefields of WWI. Instead, he was wearing a more modern design that made him stand out and not blend in.

Camouflage can come across as overwhelming. However, when styled correctly, you can display the print’s true potential. This Fashionisto paired his Valentino T-shirt effortlessly by wearing gravitating towards olive hues. The choice of a structured jacket resembled the type a soldier would wear and has a presentable look. On the other hand, the Fashionisto selected a pair of ribbed olive cargo trousers that gave a more relaxed feel to the look. The decision to keep these garments of the same color allowed the emphasis to be on the T-shirt. It’s already quite loud with the bright red, green and white tones which clearly makes it a bold statement piece. I believe this Fashionisto executed his daily mission of styling an outfit. As for the shoes, the Fashionisto stuck to the military theme by wearing black combat boots. A sleek black watch was added to his attire to keep track of time for his hourly duties. At least that’s what I thought this gadget was until I found out that it’s actually an Hermès bracelet. Nonetheless, this accessory gave a sophisticated touch and brought the whole look together.

This Fashionisto and his outfit made me realize that camouflage is quickly becoming a classic piece. Especially within the fashion world of men. It’s navigated it’s way all the way from battlefields, to high fashion runways like those of Jean Paul Gaultier in 2000, Valentino, Kenzo and Dries Van Noten in 2012, and most recently, Dior Homme, Neil Barrett and Ermanno Scervino for this years spring/summer collection.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When you put on clothes make sure your items complement each other well as a whole.”