I’ve been in California this summer, and it has been perfect weather. 75 degrees, a light breeze and a short drive to the beach…what more could you ask for? With weather like this it is too good to pass up for a laid-back blue jean look. This blonde hair blue eye skater boy is truly wearing a California look.

There may be songs about all of the California girls, but let’s here it for the boys! This stylish Fashionisto rocked a striped T-shirt, Levi Brand jeans, and a pair of lace-up Vans. It may not seem special, but it is something every guy should own. Just like girls’ need a basic white T-shirt, and a denim jacket, this look has all of the basics a guy should own. Every guy should definitely invest in a good pair of jeans, a basic T-shirt and a clean pair of lace- up sneakers. Just make sure to save the muddy running shoes for when you are actually running as clean makes the biggest difference. Save a pair of shoes you don’t get dirty or change out the laces to make them feel good as new again.

When in doubt grab a few basics and head out the door!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Even if you aren’t into dressing up, find a good pair of jeans and sneakers. It’s the perfect look for being active and doing the things you love, but will also make you seem well kept together even when you feel like your not.”