One of the best things about fashion is how we are able to transport back in time and bring back certain trends and styles, all while adding our own personal flair to them! The ’90s were a decade dedicated to a grunge-inspired look that was dark and edgy. The popularity of alternative rock music allowed this unkempt look to be widely accepted into the mainstream during this time. These past few years we have seen this trend make a major comeback, but with a fresh new spin on this iconic look!

This Fashionista shows off her stylish ’90s look effortlessly. One of my favorite parts of this outfit is her black halter crop top. Crop tops are a huge trend right now and this one is so simple but it shows off her belly ring and tattoo, which gives her a bold and edgy look. She pairs this top with a red and blue flannel wrapped around her waist, that adds a little color and gives it more of a relaxed and laid back feel. This Fashionista styles it with a great pair of black and gold combat boots that give this a tough and daring vibe. To complete this look she adds a great cross-body bag that really ties together the whole outfit. From her simple crop top, the flannel tied around her waist and, most importantly, her black chunky boots this outfit screams, “’90s baby!”

This Fashionista rocks this classic ’90s grunge look with confidence and is ready to take on the day! She is able to keep this look very comfortable and edgy while channeling the ’90s and bringing it into modern day. This is the perfect way to travel back in time and bring back this #RAD style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Look for ways to take a simple staple piece from your closet and use it to create a different look. It’s always fun when you can take inspiration from the past and add your own style to it to and construct an outfit that is simple yet trendy.”