Welcome back to campus, lovelies! Classes are in session again, people are everywhere taking advantage of what sunshine is left and outfits are on point. I am so excited to be back in a routine and am anticipating the semester ahead of me. This Fashionista is too, clearly! I spotted her in my first class of the day and (not quite literally) chased her down after lecture to get her picture. I love her trendy interpretation of a classically bohemian outfit. For those of you who aren’t yet ready to let go of festival season, I suggest going back to boho.

The boho look is not new and it has thankfully remained very popular as of late. It’s a summer staple but is so simple to reinterpret for a transition to fall. Pull out your crochet tops that I’m sure are buried under the sweaters that you’re all dying to wear and just layer it over a brightly colored tank top. This Fashionista’s cropped top looks fantastic barely skimming over her high-waisted bermuda shorts. I love the light wash! Another great option would be to pair it with some cropped skinnies. My favorite part of this outfit is that lovely red kimono cardigan. It’s perfectly flowy and is a great layering piece for those blisteringly cold classrooms.

As far as accessories are concerned, this Fashionista kept it simple. A couple of silver chains look very pretty over the crochet detailing of the shirt. A fedora is also a wonderful option. Not only are these hats super on-trend, but they also keep your hair in place on those just-rolled-out-of-bed days. Pointed flats in a coordinating color look great and keep the focus on all of the free-spirited fabulosity happening on top. I love this look and know that I’ll be digging through my closet soon to see how I can mimic this Fashionista’s fantastic sense of style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Just be you.”