October 1st, 2015 at 2:10am

While many people are beginning to bundle up and cover up for fall, here in Austin, Texas we are still rocking hand in hand with the last bit of summer weather. This means that there are a few pieces of summer that are acceptable to wear without looking out of season. Tank tops, depending on how you dress them up or dress them down can be used year-round. Now, depending on the weather, you can establish if you need to cover up with that light jacket or not.

This Fashionista decided to embrace the last bit of summer weather that we’re having on campus, and wanted to bare it all with this edgy backless tank top. The top speaks for itself when it comes to being a standout piece. The front of the top looks like a simple off white chiffon top, but when this Fashionista turns around, heads will turn at the abundance of her beautiful skin!

The front of the top drapes low, but not too low making it a perfect top for a large statement necklace or a chandelier layered necklace, like the Fashionista so beautifully accessorized with in this outfit. With such a dynamic top like this, you don’t need to do too much when it comes to the rest of the outfit.

Not to take away from the top, this Fashionista paired it with simple, yet stylish distressed black skinny jeans and laser cut black lace-up heels. The black on black keeps the rest of the outfit in the background and keeps the top in the fore front. A little pinch of gold from her watch is just the right amount of shine and bling to this outfit.

Find ways to soak up the last bits of summer with your favorite warm weather pieces before it’s time to put them away!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I feel like you should wear whatever makes you the most comfortable. If you want to show your whole back or show off your stomach do it, but do it tastefully.”