It is that time of the year again? Back to school season. Coming into a new school year, we always want to re-invent ourselves, and one of the ways we can do this is through our clothes.

With a new semester, all Fashionistas and Fashionistos want to be on trend and stylish. Being on trend does not mean you sacrifice who you are in the name of fashion. I believe that style should a reflection of you and your personality. Remember that when shopping for new threads, purchase items that you love and will be confident wearing across campus this semester.

Today’s Fashionisto shows us how we can return to school in style. First off, his grey T-shirt in on trend, with gray being an IT color this season. He combines it with a pair of tan shorts, an essential item to battle the warm weather as we transition to fall season. This Fashionisto’s look is a reflection of how a simple look can go a long way with the help of accessories. When it comes to accessories, guys are nowadays embracing the trend. First off, his Ray-Ban sunglasses bring a touch of cool to his look. This Fashionisto embraces hats, with his sleek black fedora. For his arm candy, he accessorizes with two simple gold bracelets. Just a reminder to all guys out there, wearing a watch does not have to be your only form of arm candy. Another must-have item for back to school is a stylish backpack. To complete his look, this Fashionisto opted for an all-black leather backpack.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Put your personality into what you wear. Change it up. Also, look for inspiration in everyday things: cities, urban wear, fashion magazine and blogs.”