Just as Audrey Hepburn looked flawless in her little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it comes as no surprise that Fashionistas/os want to recreate the elegant and classic style of her outfit. Whether it is a little black dress, a black blazer or a pair of black pumps, wearing the color black makes a statement of poise and perfection while remaining simplistic.

When it comes to the color black, there is no question that it is always in style. While black can be paired with just about any other color, pairing black on black is also a chic outfit choice. This Fashionista’s monochromatic outfit is both edgy and comfortable for a day spent around from classes to club meetings. A simple pair of black skinny jeans is paired with a dark gray, knit cape from Forever 21. Capes are not just for superheroes anymore; with a black detail stripe down the center and black leather trim around the armholes, this cape is practical for winter while remaining fashion-forward. Layering a long sleeve, black shirt under the cape contrasts against the gray, allowing the cape to remain the focus piece of this outfit. Finally, a pair of black, pointed flats with elastic detail over the top, is paired with the outfit for a sophisticated look.

By adding sparkle and dimension from multiple layered bracelets, this Fashionista breaks up the monochromatic scheme of her outfit. A statement Marc by Marc Jacobs black and gold watch is framed with a diamond stud bracelet and multiple black, purple and gray stretch bracelets. On the other hand is a leather cuff that is also black and gold, accompanied by a black rhinestone bracelet. Wearing layered bracelets is a unique way to add your own personality to any outfit. A few fashion rings add diversity and flare to this complete look.

With spring lines popping out with bright colors and patterns, don’t forget that a simple black outfit is always a great style choice for the day. Even a simple black outfit can be spiced up with your own personality by adding jewelry that speaks to your individual style. A simple black look has always been in style and it will likely remain an iconic style statement for many years to come.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Picking one statement piece is an easy way to put together an outfit that can be both fashionable and comfortable. Choosing an oversized sweater, or a fashion-forward piece like a cape, is a simple way to do that.”