STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: An Androgynic Aspect

A feminine modern look no longer needs to entertain with over-exaggerated cleavage showing and the skin tight look of past decades. Instead, androgynous style is the ideal way to achieve a slick and refined look by introducing menswear-inspired apparel into the female closet. This isn’t an offhand style satisfied by impulsively throwing on your boyfriend’s clothing. It’s a more elegant, subtle spin on the guys’ trends we’ve all come to appreciate.

Sporting a snug outfit that still looks effortlessly assembled, this Fashionista wears a dark color scheme to show off her urban and edgy style. In disheveled patterns and blackout schemes, this revolutionary style softens the tough exterior of the archetypal rebel from within and sets the ball in motion for a profound millennial idea of androgyny. The unique tie mock-up and sophisticated business vibe of the collared shirt particularly caught my eye. As the perfect feminine alternative to the classic tie, a draping bow is added to the collared neckline, a great touch that corresponds to the animated bow pattern scattered on the shirt design itself.

To keep herself warm and fashionable in the subzero temperatures, she is wearing a black masculine blazer. This straight-cut topper pulls liberally from both spectrums of a woman’s and man’s wardrobe, mingled with a thrift store look.To perfect the layered look, this Fashionista also pairs her look with black leggings, color-blocked oxfords and a black fedora. All of these elements impeccably accessorize the androgynic aura and emits a vibe that coalesces with a preppy look. The absence and cool consistency of the colors also make it very easy to mingle these dark attires with other fabrics and textures in the outfit. An all dark ensemble lends itself nicely to a formal look that can be suitable for any occasion. With a refreshing new outlook on femininity, this Fashionista proves that sexy and sophisticated doesn’t have to come packaged in high heels and plunging necklines.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always try new things with what you already have. There are always new ways to wear even the clothing you’re already very familiar with. Pairing familiar articles of clothing with things you’ve never tried before is wearing your clothing to the maximum and is more practical! It lessens money spent and can also boost creativity.”