When I say statement piece, many may think of a striking pop of color or big, glamorous statement jewelry pieces. A statement piece doesn’t necessarily have to be all that. My style pattern has totally been minimalistic and comfortable, and I met a Fashionista who was all about that.

She was sporting a totally comfortable but chic outfit, and easily managed to make it fashion forward. I personally fell in love with the monochromatic theme of it all. Her gypsy pants as well as her small ankle booties keep her comfortable all day and her cute graphic tank top brings out her inner diva.

This Fashionista loves her designer accessories, which I really do admire. There’s nothing wrong with a little splurge every now and then! She added these absolutely bangin’ Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses for when she steps out into the Los Angeles sun, and her beautiful Alexander McQueen bracelet is subtle but cannot be missed.

But what really ties her whole outfit together is her knit cardigan. The draping of this piece is beautiful, flowing down to her knees. The cardigan is thick and really locks in warmth. It’s almost like wearing a blanket. This cardigan has the trendy plaid design that every girl must have, and it definitely gains its points for being so comfortable, timeless and perfect for all ages. Since her outfit is simple and neutral, her long cardigan really ties the entire look together.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to match off of my accessories; for example, my bracelet was silver and black so I kept colors that were related like black and white or gray. I also like neutral colors so I tend to make them pop with a statement piece that has a design, so my plaid sweater pulled the whole outfit together.”