High-waisted shorts seemed to have hit the national record in these last few years and the kind of ways to wear them can be endless. What may be these infinite styles you ask? Retro, preppy, casual, fancy, grunge, you name it! This Fashionista exhibits an edgy-retro look when zipping up her denim high-waisted shorts to start off her day.

Thinking back to the ‘40s and ‘50s era, you often saw women wearing the high-waist look in a beach day setting. Marilyn Monroe is a prime example of this classic, retro look that us women have brought back to modern day fashion. Though high-waisted shorts are frequently worn at the beach, that ship has sailed and is now docked downtown! The high-waist look doesn’t always have to mean shorts, but pants and skirts as well.

No matter what occasion high-waisted shorts have invaded, they always seem to make a statement. Different textures can create different modes of high-waisted style whether it is denim, cotton, silk or suede. This Fashionista chose the denim route, therefore giving off an edgy vibe. The frayed trim on the bottom of the dark wash shorts result in a more casual look for any daytime occasion. She pairs her shorts with a retro lace-up tank top keeping the look neutral. Her black gladiator sandals and cross-body satchel are perfect parallels within the look. The big beaded bracelets and layered necklaces accent the edge.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “High-waisted shorts are my go-to when choosing an outfit in the morning. I love the various types of styles I can wear, but I usually pair them with neutrals and add fun jewelry.”