August 21st, 2015 at 2:10am

If there were a single color ensemble that anyone could pull off and look instantly chic in, it would be the black on black outfit. Even for the Fashionistos, the monochrome look is a game changer. This look is also a cheat to get ready sooner for any fancy evening occasion. Get the tips for this look from my dapper Fashionisto!

He starts with a fitted black button-down shirt that he buttons all the way to the collar. This allows him to add a black satin bowtie to bring out a different texture against the matte black shirt. He pairs the top with matching black pants that are cinched in the waist with a silver belt buckle. The silver hardware reflects in his watch as well. A classic watch is always an excellent accessory for menswear. For shoes, he wears black slip-on dress shoes. Lastly, he brings out city vibes with cool, tortoise clubmaster sunglasses.

The black on black outfit is understated, yet super chic and dapper on Fashionista/os. Not everyone is a master of color, so monochrome looks are a lot more approachable in terms of dressing up. This week’s Fashionisto is not afraid to express his love for menswear that really fits the SoHo, New York City street vibes.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Since there isn’t much color in my wardrobe, I like to go with black on black because it’s effortless, and works with different places and occasions. Also, bowties are my favorites to touch up a look.”