STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: All Black Everything

I’ve always been super obsessed with wearing an all-black outfit or any solid color for that matter. Of course, I’ve always worried about looking super dark and mysterious, but black really opens the door by allowing you to wear whatever statement pieces you want. Plus, wearing all-black never goes out of style. Rachel Zoe rocks it every week with chunky gold chain jewelry and a floppy felt hat. I just wind up staring at her Instagram with envy. The thing is though, the style is doable, and here’s how to make it all your own this winter.

This Fashionista knew how to jazz up an all-black outfit by adding a little fur to her wardrobe and some dainty rings to go with it. With the black essentials all the way down to her shoes, the fur draws attention and makes her outfit look very chic. Sometimes, all you need is a bold piece to help your outfit stand out.

Rocking all-black isn’t hard to do. Let’s talk about ways to make an all-black outfit really great. For me, personally, jewelry says it all. This is your chance to wear that super boho necklace with the fringe from Urban Outfitters that you can’t figure out what to wear with. Use the black outfit as your starting point, and from there you can go anywhere! This winter, pair an all-black outfit with a bright colored infinity scarf or some bold shoes. You can never go wrong with black.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Throw out any advice you’ve been given about fashion, and create your own. There are no rules. You make the rules.”