July 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

Some of us just aren’t blessed with that model height we see all throughout the magazines.  Is that necessarily a bad thing?  Of course not!  But can a little extra height be fun?  Yes!  We cannot help the genetics that we are born with, but we sure can improvise and make it work.  While we can at the same time, make a fashion statement on the streets. The answer for a natural looking height is heightened sneakers and a leather legging. This trend is available is all sorts of trends and patterns, but this summer and upcoming fall trends focus on more natural colors such as black, army green, beige and gray.

When implicating this trend, I think of Alexander Wang’s runway style mixed with an inner cat woman ego. This edgy, chic fashion statement reminds me of the 1980s when leather was everywhere. This leather legging look gives an illusion of longer legs, making them look sleek and extended.  This look can be accomplished with multiple patterns, which makes it a look that can constantly be manipulated rather you wear a pair with different patterns.  Whether it’s a matte, snake print or even a liquid gloss look that you choose for this legging, you really cannot go wrong and it’s perfect for a summer night out.  Another way to exaggerate on the length? Wear heeled sneakers. This can give yourself a natural, illusion looking length without having to wear skyscraper height stilettos.  Plus, it amplifies your look with a street edge. If you decide to choose a legging that has a lot of pattern or contrast in it, I suggest wearing heeled shoes that are more simple like a brown or black just so it doesn’t overdo the statement and take away the idea of adding more height.

So how can you accomplish this idea of making your fashion statement all about the length?  Check out this Fashionista’s look for the one of many ways.  A simple olive green T-shirt that ombré into a black silk allows this outfit to flow smoothly from head to toe. Not to mention, it’s light enough to pull off on a warm or cool summer night.  Her black, matte leggings give her a perfect movement and vibe of the streets, while also drawing eyes slowly down her long looking legs.  The simplicity in natural colors, allows for her legs to be the main element of her look, without allowing any distracting patterns or colors get in the way. Her black heeled sneakers adds that extra length without it being obvious and the color gives off more simplicity.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think the best advice I can give with this look is that less is more.  The less effort you put with this look, while adding length through the sneakers, makes this look natural.  This allows you to dress it up or dress it down with making it complicated.  Remember, is all about the length!”